May 2019

World of Warcraft Classic players think some features are bugs

Nostalgia can be a beautiful thing. It can also be hazy and not entirely accurate.

It seems for some World of Warcraft Classic players, nostalgia is a bit of both.

Classic, which offers a not-entirely vanilla World of Warcraft experience but close enough, is currently in closed beta, and players are enjoying casting spells and riding mounts like it's 2005.

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Console players have yet to defeat The Division 2's first raid - and now the community wants Ubisoft to step in

The Division 2 players on console have called on Ubisoft to make changes to the game's first raid as it remains undefeated two days after launch.

The Operation Dark Hours raid was defeated in five hours by a team playing on PC - but no team has managed to defeat it on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Why? Much of the difficulty on console stems from the sluggish aiming and movement compared to mouse and keyboard on PC. The raid's final boss in particular tasks players with reacting in just a few seconds with accurate damage per second fire. On console this challenge has so far proved insurmountable, while veteran raid teams on PC are now finishing the raid in around an hour.

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Controversial Skyrim Together mod reemerges with nightly builds as developers reveal death threats

The controversial Skyrim Together mod has reemerged with the release of nightly builds.

Lead programmer Max Griot took to the Skyrim Together subreddit to issue the long-awaited update promising nightly builds, the first of which is available to download now.

Skyrim Together, which pulls in $14,746 per month from nearly 15,000 patrons on Patreon, aims to add online multiplayer to Bethesda's hugely popular open-world fantasy RPG, but it's been some time since the Patreon-only playtest held earlier this year.

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John Wick looks cool as a NES game

You know you've made it to the top of the popular culture tree when someone reimagines you as a NES game - and that's exactly what's happened to John Wick.

With the third entry in Keanu Reeves' handgun-fest in cinemas now, Brazilian indie game developer JoyMasher and friend Dominic Ninmark created a fake John Wick NES game and popped it on YouTube.

In the video we see an 8-bit Wick side-scroll across the screen, ducking behind cover to avoid enemy fire while popping up every now and then to fire himself.

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Unity pulls tweet and blog post as gambling support is called "unethical"

Video game engine Unity has pulled a tweet and a blog post about upcoming features for gambling games - sparking a debate about the company's decision to support gambling in the first place.

The tweet, now pulled, announced the delivery of 2019.1, the latest version of the popular game development creation technology that includes 300 features, "many of which are especially helpful for developers in the gambling industry."

Following up, Unity tweeted to say it pulled the prior tweet and its related blog post "based on your feedback today".

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Rage 2 tech analysis: is 1080p60 the best use for Xbox One X and PS4 Pro?

Rage 2 arrives on consoles slathered in hot pink highlights, mutant entrails and the fingerprints of a new development team. Avalanche Studios picks up the series' reigns, joining id Software to create something rather unique - a fast-paced first-person shooter combined with a large open world. From my perspective, it's a special experience and the dual-studio collaboration pays off handsomely - but the technical decisions behind the game are intriguing, not to mention controversial.

There's no escaping it: the difference in the gameplay experience between base and enhanced consoles is vast. The vanilla machines run the game at 30 frames per second, but the choices made for the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X versions have split user opinion, and it all comes down to this: what's best - a nigh-on flawless 60 frames per second, or higher resolution imagery at half that frame-rate?

The move to a new developer represents a major shift for the franchise, with Rage 2 leaving id Tech behind in favour of Avalanche's own Apex engine. The studio was selected a development partner based on the strength of its technology. The engine supports large scale open worlds with complex physics simulation and dynamic lights - perfect for Rage. After all, the original Rage was designed to offer a Mad Max-like experience with a wide-open wasteland to explore but id Tech 5 wasn't well suited to a large-scale project, so the environments were constrained, and every mission was divided by loading screens killing the pace.

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Predator VR pops up for PSVR

Sony recently announced a surprise Predator video game for PlayStation 4 - but it appears the Sony Predator love-in doesn't stop there.

Trophies for an unannounced Predator VR game popped up on Exophase, a website that specialises in trophy and achievement tracking. A cursory glance at the list reveals trophies named after famous Predator quotes. You get the Sexual Tyrannosaurus trophy, for example, for clearing the jungle without dying. The trophies also reveal a campaign, a horde mode and a multiplayer mode. It sounds like you can play as a human or the Predator in the multiplayer mode.

That's all we know about Predator VR for now. The Predator game announced for PS4 during the recent State of Play broadcast, subtitled Hunting Grounds, is a competitive asynchronous multiplayer experience that sounds a bit like Evolve. It's developed by Illfonic and due out 2020.

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