Nuclear Throne and Ruiner are this week's free Epic Store games

If you're looking to expand that insurmountable gaming backlog still further, then perhaps you might like to glance in the direction of the Epic Games Store, where once again a bony finger beckons through the crack in the curtain with the promise of more free games. And this week your freebie options are Ruiner and Nuclear Throne.

Nuclear Throne, of course, is developer Vlambeer's acclaimed rogue-like top-down shooter, in which bullets, and a procession of gun-toting post-apocalyptic mutants, reign supreme.

Eurogamer's Christian Donlan called it, "Vlambeer's most luxurious game" when he took it for a spin back in 2014, describing it as "perhaps the team's most demanding and multi-layered, too, throwing a tactical, almost strategic element into the mix behind all that shooting."

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