Death Stranding PC tech review - the upgrade we've been waiting for

There was a time when the chances of key PlayStation exclusives arriving on PC seemed slight - but the situation has changed and the arrival of Death Stranding for PC does a phenomenal job of liberating a stunning game from the confines of its host platform. In the process, the game runs at 60 frames per second (and indeed beyond) - Kojima Productions' original design target. But just how scalable is Death Stranding and what happens for 4K gamers when the PS4 Pro's checkerboard rendering is stripped out in favour of native rendering and other solutions?

A PC game is often defined by its range of options and while there's only a limited array of tweakables to play with, there's still much of interest to discuss. For a start, HDR is supported - just make sure that the option is also enabled in Windows' settings. The control over HDR is not as fine-grain as other titles on PC or indeed console, but it is great to see the feature here where other PC ports sometimes skip it. The good news here is that the implementation is just as stand-out as it is in PlayStation 4 Pro, and adds immensely to the quality of the presentation.

Not so impressive is the lack of camera field of view control. Generally, Death Stranding does have a much higher FOV than most console games so it is not a massive problem, but I can imagine some players feeling its absence and not being particularly happy about it. It's this kind of detail - or lack of it - that gives me the sense that Kojima Productions has an iron grip on artistic control for Death Stranding at the expense of flexibility for the user.

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